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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

Paul Leinburd

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From troopers and aviator caps to 100% mink earmuffs, Paul Leinburd by Crown Cap will cover your head in style. The Vintage Leather Aviator W/Sheared Rabbit in distressed leather, for instance, is rugged and good looking, plus it's lined with plush sheared rabbit fur and its earflaps are meant to be worn down to keep you really warm.

If there's one hat that might be the definitive winter hat, the only all-fur hat you'll ever really need, it's got to be the All Mink Trooper from Paul Leinburd by Crown Cap of Canada. This fabulous winter hat really is made of all mink fur, and it's one of the richest and warmest hats you'll wear, bar none. A satisfied customer says it best: "I waited a long time before purchasing this mink hat, and guess what? It's beyond my expectations. It's soft, warm, luxurious and the size that I ordered (2XL which is my real size) fits perfectly. I am happy with it and it matches my brown shearling coat. SO, if you want it get it, don't think twice."

If you're spoiled, however, and one fur hat (no matter how stupendous) is simply not enough, then you'll probably also need The Sheared All Beaver Trooper. This hat's so soft, smooth and warm, it literally defies description! Wear it earflaps up or down, depending on your mood (and the weather) -- it's a great look either way.

When it's leather you like in your bomber, we do offer both The Mink Trooper and The Beaver Trooper with lambskin crowns. Some people think beaver fur is coarse, but that's simply not the case. The Sheared Beaver W/Leather Trooper is luxuriously soft on the inside with the beaver fur, and the pull-down earflaps made of leather will protect you on the outside. In fact, in a review for Beaver Trooper, one customer writes: "Excellent quality all around. Needless to say it must be below freezing otherwise hat gets too hot." Both troopers, like many of the other winter hats offered here, come in sizes up to 3XL to fit some very large heads.

All fur hats have a certain sophistication no matter the style, in my opinion, but The Persian Envoy, a plush winter hat in genuine Persian lambs wool with quilted lining and pull-down ear band just can't be topped for elegance. Customers who have ordered this hat leave five-star reviews that read:

  • Excellence. I received exactly what I wanted when I ordered this item. The hat will ensure warmth when I travel to cold climates.
  • A classic style with superb craftsmanship.

    Warmth is another guaranteed trait of fur and mid-town is no place to lose your ears to frostbite. Thus, our Lambskin Envoy with frosted shearling trim and quilted lining is perfect for the frozen man of business. One order came for enough hats for a company's staff and the office manager reviewed the Lambskin Envoy, saying: "Hats are quality and definitely better than the picture. My staff love them, they look great and are warm."

    These winter hats provide major warmth for your head (for the coldest days ahead) as does The Shearling Diplomat, one of the best cold weather dress hats I know of. Made of tough, plush sheepskin shearling with an instantly recognizable silhouette, the design allows you to pull the fur trim down around your ears and neck for extra protection and warmth. Take it from a satisifed customer, who wrote:

    "I received my shearling hat just in time for a cold (in the 30s) blustry (winds 25 mph with 30 mph gusts) day and it kept my head nice and warm. I didn't mind going out quite as bad because of the shearling. The fold down ear flaps and neck cover were also welcomed on the cold day. The shearling is well made and I'm very satisfied with my purchase."