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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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From aviator caps to all mink troopers, Paul Leinburd by Crown Cap will cover your head in style. The Vintage Leather Aviator W/Sheared Rabbit in distressed leather is lined with plush sheared rabbit fur and its earflaps are meant to be worn down, while The Vintage Leather Aviator has a somewhat leaner look with a slim, faux sherpa trim. [more]

Paul Leinburd by Crown Cap

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Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Ear Muff - The Mink Ear Muff - image

Mink Earmuff

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Mink Trooper W/Leather - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...

Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Ear Muffs - The Sheared Beaver Ear Muff - image

Sheared Beaver Earmuff

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Mink Trooper - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...

Leinburd/Crown Cap Persian Lambswool Winter Hat - The Persian Envoy - image

Persian Envoy

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Sheared All Beaver Trooper - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...

Men's Leather Trooper - Sheared Beaver & Leather Trooper - image


Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Men's Winter Cap - The Lambskin Envoy - image

Men's Winter Cap

The Crown Cap Mouton - The Mouton Envoy - image

Mouton Envoy

Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Shearling Diplomat - image

The Shearling

Crown Cap Aviator - The Vintage Leather Aviator - image


Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Aviator - The Vintage Leather Aviator W/Sheared Rabbit - image

Vintage Aviator

Women's Leather Cloche - The Leather & Fox Cloche - image

$395.00   $256.75

Leinburd/Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Fox Leather Trooper - image

Leinburd/Crown Cap...

Crown Cap Mink Envoy Cap - The Mink Envoy - image

$695.00   $347.50

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It's very likely that the All Mink Trooper from Paul Leinburd by Crown Cap of Canada is all the fur hat you'll ever need. It's a fabulous winter hat that really is made of all mink fur, and it's one of the richest and warmest hats you'll ever wear. If you're spoiled, however, and one fur hat (no matter how stupendous) is simply not enough, then you'll probably also need The Sheared All Beaver Trooper. This hat's so soft, smooth and warm, it literally defies description! Wear it earflaps up or down, depending on your mood (and the weather) -- it's a great look either way.

If it's leather you like in your bomber, we do offer both The Mink Trooper and The Beaver Trooper with lambskin crowns. (We're nice that way.) Some people think beaver fur is coarse, but that's simply not the case. The Sheared Beaver W/Leather Trooper is luxuriously soft on the inside with the beaver fur, and the pull-down earflaps made of leather will protect you on the outside. Both troopers, like many of the other winter hats offered here, come in sizes up to 3XL to fit some very large heads.

All fur hats have a certain sophistication no matter the style, in my opinion, but The Persian Envoy, a plush winter hat in genuine Persian lambs wool with quilted lining and pull-down ear band just can't be topped for elegance, although the ladies-only fox and leather cloche (in pure winter white and dark of night black) does come awfully close.

Warmth is another guaranteed trait of fur and mid-town is no place to lose your ears to frostbite. Thus, our Lambskin Envoy with frosted shearling trim and quilted lining is perfect for the frozen man of business. Another easily affordable and exceptionally warm winter cap is The Mouton Envoy. This is a rich, plush full cap from the cold-weather masters at Leinburd/Crown Cap in Canada. Both winter hats provide major warmth for your head (for the coldest days ahead) as does The Shearling Diplomat, one of the best cold weather dress hats I know of. Made of tough, plush sheepskin shearling with an instantly recognizable silhouette, the design allows you to pull the fur trim down around your ears and neck for extra protection and warmth.
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