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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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z-Colonel Littleton

Colonel Littleton is as proud of his collection of pocket knives as he is of his woven Panama hat, The Lynnville Panama. Actually he's proud of the handsome Survivor Panama too, another men's straw hat, this one with a generous four-inch brim, leather band with chin strap, and antique brass eyelets. If you've experienced the Littleton quality displayed in his bone handle pocket knives (including The Foxfire and The Yukon pocketknife) and evident in his exquisite mother-of-pearl handle pocket knife, The Pearl, you'll be eager to slap the Colonel's Quartz Watch on your wrist. It's a water resistant, World War I U.S. Air Corps Model officer's grade quartz watch (with an easy-to-read white dial) which you can personalize with your name or initials and year. The men's watch boasts a comfortably padded strap in brown crocodile with a nubuck lining, and you can choose to keep or remove the stainless steel protective grill. [more]

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Colonel Littleton Panama Hat - The Survivor Panama - image

Survivor Panama

Colonel Littleton Stag Bone Pocket Knife - The Foxfire - image


Littleton Money Clip - The Pearl Money Clip - image

The Pearl Money Clip...

The Colonel (self-styled purveyor of fine accouterments in the American tradition) has also selected pieces representative of his famous Lynnville, Tennessee workshop and showroom. We've got just a few on hand for you: rich money clips in mother-of-pearl and sterling silver; impressive rollerball pens with gold-plated trim; solid brass luggage tags for engraving; a steerhide cell phone/ipod holster; and even a bottle of Colonel Littleton's own understated cologne (No. 21). Colonel Littleton, sah, we salute you.
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