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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Santana (Carlos)

New men's hats from Santana by Carlos Santana for the Fall/Winter 2014 season include a great stingy brim fedora in fur felt called The Chant. This diamond crown hat with bound brim features a fancy grosgrain ribbon trim with leather overlay and Abraxas angel pin. Another fur felt fedora from Santana is The Eternal, and this pinch front hat also features an [more]

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Carlos Santana Men's Cotton Cadet Cap - The Spirit - image

Carlos Santana Cadet Cap

Santana Leather Newsboy - The Guru - image

Santana Leather Newsboy

Santana Suede Newsboy Cap - The Shango - image

Santana Leather Patch...

Santana Leather Cadet Cap - The Invincible - image

Santana Leather Cadet...

Santana Fur Felt Ltd. Edition Borealis - image

The Santana Fur Felt...

The Santana Eternal - image

The Santana Eternal

The Santana Chant - image

The Santana Chant

Santana Fur Felt Fedora - The Corazon - image

The Santana Corazon

Santana Leather Fedora - The Shaman - image

Santana Leather Fedora

Santana Fur Felt Fedora - The Essential - image

Santana Essential

Santana Fur Felt Fedora - The Soul Sacrifice - image

Santana Fur Felt

Santana Wool Felt Fedora - The Wisdom - image

Santana Wisdom

Santana Fur Felt Fedora - The Abraxas - image

Santana Abraxas

Santana Wool Felt Fedora - The Pandora - image

Santana Pandora

Santana Pinch Front Shantung - The Borealis - image

Santana Borealis

Santana Panama Fedora - The Fenix - image

Santana Fenix

Nat Nast Silk Shirt - The Santana Spirit Of Passion - image

Spirit Of Passion Shirt

Santana Pinch Front Shantung - The Angel - image

Santana Angel

Santana Pinch Front Shantung - The Bora - image

Santana Bora

Santana Pinch Front Panama - The Sentient - image

Santana Sentient

eye-catching trim as well as contrast stitching on the bound stingy brim.

If you're looking for a fur felt hat with a slightly larger brim, Santana's new Corazon might be the one for you. The brim on this pinch front fedora measures 2 1/8" and the dark ribbon trim has a tonal cowhide overlay with a splash of color offered by the Abraxas angel pin. Finishing touches include a "Guatemalan" pattern fabric sweatband as well as embroidered satin lining with guitar print in the crown.

There's a limited edition fedora in the 2014 Santana by Carlos Santana collection, called The Borealis, and it's a beaut. The fur felt hat has a pinch front and a raw stingy brim. Take a look at the contrast stiching on the ribbon trim; it brings out colors in the Abraxas angel pin. Until it sells out, this hat is available in your choice of Dove or Limestone, and it is finished with an embossed leather sweatband and embroidered satin tip sticker. You may also be interested to know that The Borealis is (unlike most Santana hats) made in Texas.

We've brought back a hat from last season, mainly because of this five-star review: "The hat looks like the quality of a $500 hat, the lining, the fabric, the details are over the top (no pun intended). It's as good as Carlos is on the guitar!!!" The Soul Sacrifice is a stingy brim hat in fur felt with a 1 1/2 inch brim. It's in a deeply rich navy and trimmed with a grosgrain ribbon that boasts a line of contrast stitching and Abraxas angel pin. It should be noted that the Santana hat boxes are included with the purchase of this and some of the other hats seen here -- and even the box got a mention: "While The Soul Sacrifice could be one of the coolest hats I have ever seen, the box is a piece of art. I dare you to throw it away!!!"

Another hat that also got raves, called "exquisite", with a satisfied customer adding "Intricate design. Great craftsmanship...and it's designed by Carlos Santana!" is The Shaman, a fabulous fedora in genuine leather with self trim and silver Abraxas angel pin. Flip this hat upside down, and you'll see the lion head crown and sweatband in tooled leather. A real masterpiece (and yes, you get the box).

There's also The Essential to look at. A back-by-demand hat, this fedora is crafted from fur felt and shaped with a center crease. The grosgrain ribbon trim features ribbon overlay with a colorful Abraxas Angel pin and the hat is finished with a bound brim, leather sweatband and fancy print lining. No wonder it's a favorite around here and it'll make a great addition to your Santana hat rack.
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