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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Borsalino Fall/Winter Fedoras

The fedoras by Borsalino for the Fall/Winter 2014 collection are impressive, as are the season's caps and its Spring/Summer hats, offered year round. New this season is a fedora called The Traveler. It's an open crown melousine fur felt dress hat in Navy Blue and it's stunning. The brim is a just stingy two inches and the unlined hat is trimmed with a dark grosgrain ribbon band with bow. [more]

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Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Traveler - image

Borsalino Fur Felt...

Borsalino Allesandria Fedora - The Seta Bicolore - image

Borsalino Allesandria...

Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Cervelt - image

Borsalino Fur Felt...

Men's Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Como - image


Men's Borsalino Fur Felt Fedora - The Casual - image


Men's Borsalino Beaver Fur Felt Fedora Hat  - The Stingy Ultimo - image


Borsalino Beaver Fur Felt Stingy Brim - The Balducci - image

Borsalino Beaver...

Men's Borsalino Beaver Fur Felt Fedora Hat  - The Ultimo - image

$795.00   $477.00

Men's Borsalino 100% Beaver Fur Felt Fedora Hat - The Ultimo Broad Brim - image

$495.00   $346.50

If you're looking for something in a hat that is unique, even extravagant, The Cervelt from Borsalino might be just the ticket. This magnificent fur felt fedora is made from a blend of fur that includes the soft underside fur from the New Zealand red deer, and is incredibly soft. The raw edge brim measures two inches and the satin-lined hat is fitted with a leather sweatband and trimmed with a grosgrain ribbon and bow. One customer who purchased this hat said: "By far the nicest hat that I have ever owned. Incredibly soft material that keeps very well its shape. Very distinctive color."

For a true stingy brim fedora, with a snap brim that measures just 1 1/2 inches, take a look at The Balducci. This pure beaver fur felt dress hat features a grosgrain trim that is set off with a tasty diagonal striped silk fabric, which is also used to line the hat. The Ultimo is another beaver fur felt hat, this with a two-inch brim, so that it just comes in at the stingy mark. Lined and finished with a hand-sewn leather sweatband inserted for comfort, the Borsalino workmanship and high quality shows throughout.

When you'd like a more casual fur felt fedora from Borsalino, The Casual is very smart. With its classic center dent style, and sleek look and feel of genuine fur felt, this hat features a handsome full grain leather trim and Borsalino insignia. Until it sells out, it's available in your choice of Olive, Black or Whiskey.

A customer favorite, The Como, makes a back-by-request appearance this season. The fur felt is a rich blend of beaver and rabbit fur, and the trim is a tonal grosgrain ribbon with bow. One woman who bought this dress hat gave it a five-star review, saying: "This hat was a present for my husband. He is most satisfied." Another reviewer wrote: "It fits perfect, it looks awesome!!!"
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