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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Borsalino Fall/Winter Caps

The collection of men's caps for this Fall/Winter 2014 season from Borsalino has never been more impressive, although the Borsalino Fall/Winter fedora collection as well as the Borsalino Spring/Summer hats, offered year round, are admittedly pretty darn nice too. There's the new ivy cap, for instance, in a 100% herringbone pattern ivy cap with sewn down brim and satin lining, sure to be a new favorite around here. [more]

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Borsalino Wool Newsboy Cap - The Mario - image

Borsalino Wool...

Doria Patchwork Ivy Cap - The Fiorentino - image

Doria Fiorentino...

Men's Borsalino Wool Newsboy Cap - The Garibaldi - image


Men's Borsalino Cashmere Ivy Cap - The Leonardo - image


Borsalino Ivy Cap - The Etna - image

Borsalino Ivy Cap
$195.00   $107.25

Borsalino Ivy Cap - The Cashmere Ivy - image

Borsalino Cashmere...
$295.00   $162.25

Borsalino Ivy Cap - The Silk/Wool Ivy Cap - image

Borsalino Silk/Wool...
$250.00   $137.50

Men's Borsalino Leather Newsboy Cap - The Giuseppe - image

$295.00   $191.75

Men's Borsalino Fur Felt Ivy Cap - The Cuffler - image

$225.00   $146.25

Men's Borsalino Cashmere Scarf - The Niccolo - image


We're bringing back a few all-time customer favorites too, this year, with The Garibaldi, The Mario and The Leonardo. The first is a one-of-a-kind patchwork cap, with no two ever the same. Crafted from the finest woolen scraps, Borsalino milliners stitch the carefully chosen patches together to form each distinctive newsboy. The Mario is a very different newsboy, this 8/4 panel cap made from two distinctive and finely woven 100% woolen tweeds, so soft you'll swear it's really cotton.

For sheer decadence in 100% cashmere, Borsalino brings you The Leonardo. This ivy cap is truly a masterpiece and you won't believe how soft it feels--both in the hand and on the head. As one delighted customer who bought this cap says: "Good quality, best on the market." If you like your cashmere caps exclusive, meaning you can't find them anywhere else but here, take a look at the newsboy Borsalino made for us in a fine herringbone pattern that mixes black, grey and white. It's perfection, pure and simple.

When it's a leather cap you seek, Borsalino's Giuseppe deserves a second look. This is an eight panel leather newsboy cap that is incredibly supple and comfortable to wear. The silhouette is right with a snap front and the black satin lining is a very nice touch. Durable and stylish, this is a cap that will last for years to come.
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