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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Biltmore S/S

Biltmore hats are always top quality and stylish, and the Spring/Summer 2015 collection you see here is certainly proof of that with Panama hats like The Casa Blanca. This pinch front fedora has a snap brim and is done in a traditional bleached straw with black grosgrain trim. It's also finished with a cotton sweatband for comfortable wear. If it's a very slightly smaller brim you'd like in your Panama fedora, The Havana might be just the ticket with its 2 1/8 inch brim. Biltmore also offers a [more]

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Biltmore Supreme Panama Fedora - image

Biltmore Supreme...

Biltmore Panama Fedora - The Montreal - image

Biltmore Montreal...

Biltmore Panama Fedora - The Casa Blanca - image

Biltmore Panama...

Biltmore Panama Fedora - The Havana - image

Biltmore Panama...

Biltmore Panama Pork Pie - The Montego - image

Biltmore Panama Pork...

Biltmore Hemp Fedora - The Charleston - image

Biltmore Hemp...

Biltmore Hemp Pork Pie Hat - The Memphis - image

Biltmore Hemp Pork...

Biltmore Hemp Pork Pie Hat - The Dijon - image

Biltmore Hemp Pork...

Biltmore Shantung Fedora - The Abby Road - image

Biltmore Abby Road

Biltmore Panama Fedora - The Quito - image

Biltmore Quito

pork pie hat in Panama straw. Called The Montego, the hat features a two inch brim, grosgrain ribbon trim with handsome pin and a cool cotton sweatband.

If you're looking for Panama dress hats this season, Biltmore brings you their Imperial Grade series. The Supreme is a classic panama fedora with 2 5/8 inch snap brim, grosgrain trim with pin and cotton sweatband. Like the other hats in this collection, it's made in Texas and ships directly from the manufacturer there, so you'll have to allow a few extra days for delivery. There's also The Montreal, another top of the line Imperial Grade Panama fedora with a smaller brim measuring two inches and finished with a grosgrain ribbon band and Biltmore pin. Very classy.

We've brought a fabulous shantung straw fedora from Biltmore back by demand this season. It's got an open weave and snap brim and is finished with a leather sweatband. The grosgrain trim has a tonal overlay, and this hat is offered (until sold out, of course) in your choice of two shades of Ivory. It's called The Abby Road, and it's a hit in either version. The Charleston is another Biltmore hat that is very popular. A genuine Milan braid hemp fedora, it's an all-black hat with a nice pinch front and black trim. Light on the head and cool, it's a perfect hat for the season and it's made in the USA.

The Memphis is also a Milan braid hemp hat from Biltmore, but this time it's got a pork pie silhouette with two inch brim. The grosgrain ribbon band is wide and finished with a bow and pin. An even stingier brim pork pie hat can be had from Biltmore with The Dijon with a brim that measures 1 1/2 inches. The black body is trimmed with a fancy contrast ribbon that makes this hemp hat pop.
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