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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Biltmore Fall/Winter

New fur felt hats for men from Biltmore for the Fall/Winter 2014 season include The Sanford, a fedora with an extra suede finish (called the Rossellini Finish) which really brings out the nap in the fur, creating a soft and irresistible feel. In Black with a black grosgrain ribbon, there's just the right pop of color with a decorative feather and Biltmore pin. For a stingy brim fedora in [more]

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Biltmore Fur Felt Fedora - The Naples - image

The Biltmore Naples

Biltmore Fur Felt Fedora - The Florence - image

The Biltmore Florence

Biltmore Fur Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Orleans - image

The Biltmore Orleans

Biltmore Fur Felt Derby - The Winston - image

The Biltmore Winston

Biltmore Fur Felt Pork Pie Hat - The La - image

The Biltmore LA

Biltmore Fur Felt Fedora - The Chicago - image

The Biltmore Chicago

Biltmore Fur Felt Fedora - The New York - image

The Biltmore New York

Biltmore Fur Felt Fedora - The Sanford - image

The Biltmore Sanford

Biltmore Golden Pheasant Tyrolean - image

The Biltmore Golden...

fur felt with a Rossellini Finish, The New York is the hat you want. The brim is narrow at 1 5/8 inches, and it too uses a feather to brighten the black on black hat with grosgrain trim and bow.

Another dress hat in Black is the fur felt derby hat called The Winston. It also boasts a Rossellini Finish, and its upturned brim is bound. As you've come to expect, the hat is fully lined in satin, trimmed with a grosgrain ribbon, feather and Biltmore pin, and fitted with a leather sweatband. Then there's The LA to consider, a fur felt pork pie hat with that great Rossellini Finish and features including an upturned 1 1/2 inch brim, grosgrain trim with feather and Biltmore pin, leather sweatband and satin lining.

There's a separate line of Biltmore fur felt hats that are new this season, all of which have been given a special smooth finsh. This finish is achieved by polishing the fur with special sand papers and oil cloths to give it an extremely smooth feel and special shine. The Naples, with its low crown profile and raw edge brim, is one such hat, as is another fur felt fedora, called The Florence, which boasts a bound edge brim and is trimmed with a grosgrain ribbon, feather and Biltmore pin. Another fur felt hat given the smooth finish is The Orleans, a pork pie with a sitngy brim and telescope crown.

There are a couple of other outstanding Biltmore hats here for you to view, and they include The Chicago, a fur felt fedora which has been given the Eleganze (or Soleil) finish. The result of this process is a short hair texture that feels like silk. This dress hat is currently available in your choice of Black or Coffee, and is really quite refined. The Tyrolean is a classic dress hat in suede fur felt. Absolutely authentic in profile, this rendition is offered with badger brush, wrapped band and leather sweatband. As with all Biltmore hats, it is made in the USA and ships directly to you from the manufacturer in Texas.
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