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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers


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Laulhere Wool Beret - The Basque Beret - image

Basque Beret
$65.00   $39.00

Berets, that signature cap of France, go from balled up in your pocket to savoir-faire in seconds. People love their berets, and when it's a Basque beret from Laulhere, the French company that's been making berets since 1840, they deem it of high quality, calling it perfect and even excellent. As one five-star review for the 100% wool cap with leather sweatband reads: "This beret is very nicely crafted--good fabric and workmanship. And it fit!" Another French cap by Laulhere is

The Casquette. Crafted from 100% Melton wool, the unlined cap with brim is offered in your choice of three colors: Black, Grey or Navy (or, if you prefer: noir, gris ou bleu marine).

The Deluxe is still another Laulhere beret, a truly elegant, lined cap in soft wool with leather sweatband and embroidered tip sticker, and is available in Black or Navy. Quintessentially French, the Deluxe Beret is sumptuous, garnering five-stars reviews including: "This beret was far beyond my expectations. Perfect fit, excellent quality."

A sturdy and versatile cap with a long history, berets have been as much a symbol of France as baguettes and the Eiffel Tower. French artists and farmers have been wearing berets for over 200 years (not to mention Basque shepherds and separatists, South American revolutionaries, the French army, the United Nations and NATO). And me. Don't forget me. I love my 100% wool Made in France authentic Laulhere beret.

You may not be an artist. You may not even be French. But you can darn well wear a beret and look good doing it. You deserve a Laulhere beret today, and now you don't even have to go to France to get it. Order your beret today!