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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Ball Caps

Ball caps sure have come a long way from the typical baseball cap of the past. Take a look at the Mr. Kim Leather Ball Cap, an all leather six-panel cap from the Mr. Kim collection for Fall/Winter 2014 by designer Eugenia Kim of New York. The satin-lined cap has a flat 2 1/2 inch bill with suede underbrim and is fitted with a grosgrain sweatband. It's a Hartford York exclusive, made in NYC, that you can't get anywhere else. Another new baseball cap this [more]

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Eugenia Kim Leather Ball Cap - The Darien - image

Mr. Kim Leather Ball Cap

Jb Stetson Ball Cap - The Campbell Leather Cap - image

JB Stetson Campbell...

Kangol Baseball Cap - The Wool Flex Ball Cap - image


Wigens Shearling Ball Cap - The Baltic - image

The Wigens Baltic

Tracy Watts Ball Cap - The Highball Cap - image

Watts Highball Cap

Wigens Cashmere Ball Cap - The Gotland - image

Cashmere Ball Cap

Wigens Ball Cap - The Kent Harris Tweed Ball Cap - image

Wigens Harris Tweed...
$150.00   $90.00

Wigens Ball Cap - The Fredric Denim Suede Cap - image

Wigens Suede Denim...
$135.00   $81.00

Wigens Leather Ball Cap - The Knut - image

Wigens Leather Ball...
$195.00   $107.25

Borsalino Wool Ballcap - The Genoa - image

Wool Ballcap
$165.00   $82.50

Victor Osborne Ball Cap - The Leather Ball Cap - image

Osborne Leather Ball Cap
$225.00   $101.25

Men's Sam Saba Leather And Sheepskin Wool Hat - The Captain - image


Wigens Cashmere Ball Cap - The Hy Exclusive - image

Wigens Exclusive...

Goorin Wool Ball Cap - The Shelter - image

Goorin Shelter Ball Cap

Woolrich Ball Cap - The Oil Cloth Cap - image


Wigens Winter Ball Cap - The Fleece Lined Cap - image

Wigens Winter Cap

Jb Stetson Ball Cap  - The Wool Blend Shelby - image

$75.00   $41.25

Men's Wigens Shearling Trooper Cap - The Bjorn - image


Wigens Storm System Ball Cap - The Loro Piana Cap - image

Wigens Ball Cap

Wigens Wool Cadet Cap - The Gothenburg - image

Cadet Cap
$155.00   $85.25

year, and also exclusive to Hartford York (and you) is The Highball, from the Brooklyn workshop of designer Tracy Watts. This cap with its lined underbrim features leather front panels with the back panels done in wool. An adjustable leather strap allows for a snug and comfortable fit.

If you like your ball caps exclusive, we've got one from JB Stetson that you can only order through Hartford York. This ball cap, called The Campbell, is handsome in two-tone leather, and perfect for the season. There's also one by Wigens called The HY Exclusive. It's made from 100% pure cashmere by Wigens of Sweden and is exclusive to Hartford York. It makes a great winter cap and features an elk leather brim, quilted lining and drop down earflaps for added weather protection. One happy customer gave this ball cap a five-star rating, calling it a "great cap" with the best quality and adding: "The style and detail is remarkable."

Another ball cap from Wigens is made from Harris Tweed. It is a plaid, satin lined wool cap with hidden earflaps that drop down when needed, and adds real style and elegance to the look. There's also one in suede denim, a very casual baseball cap in garment washed denim with a suede coating that gives it a great "live-in" look. It too sports hidden earflaps for added protection on cooler days. Wigens brings you the Storm System ball cap as well. This is a quality winter ball cap with drop-down earflaps, and it's made from Italian Loro Piana wool in a fine herringbone pattern. It's a customer favorite, with the high quality mentioned in five star product reviews.
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