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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Bailey Fall/Winter

Men's hats from Bailey of Hollywood for the Fall/Winter 2014 season include a few from their Superior Fur Felt line, and they are beauts. The Burl, for instance, is a dress hat in Grey with a center dent crown and snap brim that's just stingy at two inches. Tonal grosgrain ribbon trim with bow completes the elegant look. Another choice is a fur felt fedora called The Duffy, and this dress hat is [more]

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Bailey Wool Felt Pork Pie Hat - The Darron - image

The Bailey Darron...

Bailey Litefelt Fedora - The Wynn - image

The Bailey Wynn

The Bailey Tino - image

The Bailey Tino

The Bailey Mader - image

The Bailey Mader

The Bailey Olin - image

The Bailey Olin

Bailey Fur Felt Fedora - The Edsel - image

The Bailey Edsel

Bailey Lanolux Fedora - The Perry - image

Bailey Lanolux...

Bailey Lanolux Fedora - The Barr - image

Bailey Lanolux...

Bailey Cashlux Fedora - The Benny - image

Bailey Cashlux...

Bailey Cashlux Fedora - The Delbert - image

Bailey Cashlux...

The Bailey Timson - image

The Bailey Timson

The Bailey Riff - image

The Bailey Riff

The Bailey Noclin - image

The Bailey Noclin

The Bailey Stockton - image

The Bailey Stockton

The Bailey Cosgrove - image

The Bailey Cosgrove

offered in Black or Cognac. It's got a nice teardrop crown and and is also trimmed with a tonal band and finished with a full satin lining and leather sweatband. The Edsel is the third new fur felt dress hat from Bailey this season, and is available in your choice of Black or Chocolate. The silhouette is different from the others as it features a pinch front crown and curled brim, but the look is just as stylish.

Some of the Bailey hats are made from a treated wool felt called LiteFelt. This is a natural, unstiffened premium wool felt treated with a water repellent and shaped with a retentive Bailey proprietary process. The Wynn is a Litefelt fedora, with a stingy snap brim and teardrop crown. In a perfect-for-fall color called Moss Mix, it's this season's must-have hat. If you're looking for an outstanding homburg to call your own, The Basil is just the ticket. This LiteFelt fedora has a stingy snap brim, and color contrast trim with bow and bound edge, and its color couldn't be better. If there's a better pork pie hat than The Darron, it would be a miracle. This LiteFelt hat is made in two colors, Tobacco and Cobalt, and with its telescope crown, stingy snap brim and ribbon trim, is simply flawless.

The Perry is a striking fedora in Ash with a leather trim. It's in a wool felt called Lanolux, which is obtained by sanding superior wool felt to create a suede finish. The treated fabric features excellent shape retention and durability. Another Lanolux fedora from Bailey is called The Barr, and this hat is in a rich Mahogany color. It's a just-stingy hat (at two inches) with a center dent crown and tonal ribbon trim with a tacked bow.

The Casson is a fedora in Doeskin, which is a premium wool and noil (silk) blend that is felted to achieve a very fine hand in a thin felt. A light shellac is added to give a crispness to the shape and finish. Offered in Black or Sulphur, this is a stingy snap brim hat with a tonal ribbon trim.

There's also a trio of new hats in a material Bailey calls Cashlux. Bailey Cashlux hats are made using ultra-fine seventeen-micro wool fibers from 'paint free sheep' blended with premium cashmere fibers. That fabric is given proprietary sanding techniques resulting in a superfine felt blend that achieves the look and feel of a luxurious fur felt. The Benny is a low profile, pinch front fedora in Cashlux, and is detailed with double binding on the brim. You can get The Delbert, a Cashlux center dent fedora, in Navy. This wool felt hat has a two-inch snap brim, grosgrain ribbon trim with tacked bow and fabric sweatband. There's also The Herbert to consider, a perfectly shaped homburg with a stingy rolled, bound brim in Putty with white trim.
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