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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers

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Aston Leather

Unforgettable leather winter hats, like The Aston Cognac, don't come along every day. Try on The Sleigh Ride, a women's shearling Russian hat from Aston Leather, and I think you'll agree that that this winter headwear is truly outstanding. Pair your hat with the Aston leather jacket, and men's sheepskin-lined suede vest (there's a vest with hood for ladies too!). Complete your all-Aston look with a pair of toasty brown sheepskin mittens or gloves, warmly lined with plush natural shearling. [more]

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Aston Leather of New York, the largest American lambskin exporter on the East Coast, has been creating quality shearling garments, including hats, coats, vests, mittens and mittens, for the past two decades much to the delight of discriminating shoppers worldwide. Attention to details (like high wrist cuffs on the mittens for added warmth) and a sense of unique, self-assured style (see the pompoms on the women's Sleigh Ride With Tassels hat) are just a couple of reasons why Aston Leather products are always run-away best sellers.
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