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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers


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Aegean Fisherman Cap - The Cotton Greek Fisherman - image

Cotton Greek...

Aegean Wool Fisherman - The Authentic Greek Fisherman Cap - image

Wool Greek Fisherman Cap

Greek Fisherman Cap - The Leather Fisherman's Cap - image

Leather Greek...

Aegean Greek Cap - The Aegean Admiral - image

Wool Admiral Cap

Aegean Greek Wool Cap - The Fiddler - image

Greek Fiddler Cap

Genuine Greek Fisherman caps from Aegean include one made from a cool cotton blend that's perfect for summer and spring wear. Imported from Greece, it is available in your choice of several colors and is decorated with an elaborate sutash braid. It's a great counterpart to the woolen Greek fisherman cap, sporting the same handmade quality and traditional style that's hard to come by these days. In fact,

it's the precise detailing and obvious craftmanship seen in these pieces that's behind the popularity of the hat. There's a captain's cap too, which Aegean has made in wool and detailed with fancy contrast embroidery. The fully lined cap is offered in extra large sizes to comfortably fit some very large heads.

The Greek Fisherman cap in leather is one of our best selling hats. Made in the USA from genuine, supple lambskin, the satin lined cap features the same detailing as its more traditional counterparts in wool and cotton and is available (until sold out) in your choice of Black or Brown. For something a little different this year, Aegean brings you its Fiddler Cap, a fully lined wool cap with that unmistakable Dutch Boy hat silhouette. Fiddle sold separately.