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Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
Hats & Accessories from the World's Finest Designers
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Just because we use accessories such as reading glasses and socks, or walking sticks and sandals and cologne, sunglasses or pocket knives on a daily or near-daily basis, doesn't mean they can't be elegant or fun or even breathtaking. Are you saying there's more intrinsic artistry in the hand-carved bone handle of a Mcdowell Scrimshaw knife than in the overall rich boys at play effect created by a Tommy Bahama men's wristwatch? You're seriously telling me that a cane from Boris Palatnik, such as his Palatnik Cougar With Gold, might have more savior faire than a pair of Sam Saba's ear muffs? [more]

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Robert Graham Leather Messenger Bag - The Haywood - image

RG Leather Messenger Bag

Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Ear Muff - The Mink Ear Muff - image

Mink Earmuff

Men's Sam Saba Leather Gloves - The Gloves - image


Canes And Walking Stick - The Palatnik Bronze Wolf - image


Men's Borsalino Cashmere Scarf - The Niccolo - image


Hilts-Willard Men's Leather Gloves - The Adam - image

Hilts-Willard Men's...

Jm Dicken Socks - The Cashmere Sock - image

J.M. Dickens Cashmere...
$75.00   $48.75

Birksun Solar Backpack - The Levels - image

Birksun Solar Backpack

Canes And Walking Sticks - The Finna Boxwood Top - image

Knob Top

Laguiole Knife - The 5000 Year Old Fossil Knife - image

Laguiole Knife With...
$1295.00   $500.00

Men's Fragrance - The St. Johns Bay Rum (4 Oz) - image

St. Johns Bay Rum (4 Oz)

Hat Brush - The Light Or Dark Hat Brush - image


Eyebobs Sunreader Glasses - The Board Stiff Orange - image

Eyebobs Board Stiff...

Rg Leather Belt - The Gardiner Belt - image

RG Gardiner Belt
$128.00   $83.20

Us Gloves - The Matt - image

US Glove Matt

Rg Leather Belt - The Bridgehampton Belt - image

RG Bridgehampton Belt
$128.00   $83.20

Sun Readers - The Sport Fx Reading Sunglasses - image

Sun Readers

Robert Graham Messenger Bag - The Martin - image

RG Waxed Canvas...

Sun Readers - The Sport Sx Reading Sunglasses - image

Sun Readers

Canes And Walking Sticks - The Palatnik Cougar - image


Canes And Walking Sticks - The Finna Rounded Top - image

Rounded Top

Men's Fragrance - The St. Johns Lime Cologne (8 Oz) - image

St. Johns Lime (8 Oz)

Finna Walking Stick - The Chestnut Walking Stick - image


Robert Graham Sock - The Moline - image

RG Moline Sock

Hilts-Willard Men's Glove - The Robert - image

Hilts-Willard Men's...

Paul Leinburd/Crown Cap Ear Muffs - The Sheared Beaver Ear Muff - image

Sheared Beaver Earmuff

Women's Brand X Huarache Handmade Leather Sandals - The Pachuco - image

The Pachuco (Women's)

Men's Brand X Huarache Handmade Leather Sandals - The Ranchero - image

The Ranchero (Men's)

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Okay, you've got a point. But still, it's the expert level workmanship I'm talking about here; the quality of materials used. Take the Scully Squadron Duffel Bag, for example. Made from lambskin leather, it's got the durability required for travel, but the design and craftsmanship (including a roomy interior compartment, outside sectionals, zip pockets, schematic print lining, adjustable and padded shoulder strap) and even its color (antique brown) that raise this overnight case from a simple accessory to a handsome lifestyle piece. Anyway, it's all moot. How can you expect to compare eyewear with a hand crafted corkscrew from France or a hat care product for that matter? All are certainly necessities in the accessory department; even the care products are simply to protect the items crafted by expert artisans in their respective fields. Support the arts. Buy your accessories. Be generous.
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